From the desk of Mrs. Cheryl

I'm excited to share with you our UMYF Youth Group's next Great Adventure. We will be joining hundreds of others as we fast, pray and raise funds for World Vision's 30 Hour Famine. We will begin the fundraising February 1st - 27th.  The youth will be covering  the yards of Silsbee with Pink Flamingos, for a donation of course.  You will be able to pay for us to "Flock" someone's yard, pay to have the "Flock of Flamingos" removed from your yard, or pay for insurance to "Not Be Flocked!"  Each youth will also be doing their own individual fundraising.  We will conclude the month long event with a 12 hour Lock In.  The youth will gather at 6 PM on Friday, February 28th in Cravens Hall and conclude at 6 AM on Saturday, February 29th.  During this time we will be fasting from food and only drinking water or Gatorade.  The youth will learn about children and other youth across the world and how their lives are impacted by lack of food and water.  I'm confident this will be a life changing event for all of us.

I'm asking our church family to pray for our youth and leaders and support them with their fundraising.

Every $40 we raise will feed one child for a month.  You can go to Owens and donate directly to our UMYF group.

Don't be surprised if you walk out your door to see a flock of Pink Flamingos in your yard!